Thursday, August 26, 2010

Odell Brewing Company Deconstruction Golden Ale

I sat down with a few friends the other night and enjoyed this tasty treat along with Jamaican jerk burgers and some killer beer brats, what a great night. This Golden Ale is created by blending the final recipe with its own barrel aged pilot beers fermented with wild yeast. They use neutral oak, bourbon barrels and wine barrels to give each pilot brew an unique flavor from the contributing oak barrel. Tons of spice with some subtle fruity notes. It pours a golden honey color with amber highlights. Right after you pour it the nose is overwhelmed by the bourbon barrel but as it settles you pick up vanilla and baking spice. The palate followed suit with your initial taste be dominated by bourbon and heat but as it mellows you you get some lovely citrus and red fruit flavors from the wine barrel. This beer overall was extremely complex and I swear the flavors changed with every sip.

Price: $14.99/750ml bottle

Rating: 91 points!