Monday, September 6, 2010

Downslope Distilling Double Diamond Whiskey

I do love my beer and wine but there are those occasions when a tall pour of whiskey, served neat, is in order and this is one recent additions to my cabinet. Locally made the Downslope distillery is located just up the road on Arapahoe Rd. and Jordan Rd. This particular whiskey is more accurately described as a Irish style whiskey since they mainly use malted barley with a fraction of rye used to adding spice. giving a more unique flavor. The whiskey is aged in used small medium toast casks to add some sweet vanilla and honey notes. The flavor of rye is the first thing you notice on the palate and it lingers all the way through to the finish with the sweetness from the malted barley coming through in the mid-palate balancing the rye. Overall this is a great whiskey to sip on after a long day's work.

Price: $31.99/750ml

Rating: 89 points!