Saturday, May 29, 2010

Downslope Distilling Wine Barrel Aged Rum

This is a great product from a new distillery located right here in Centennial, CO. I recently visited their tasting room and toured the distillery with a couple of other guys from Heritage Wine & Liquor and needless to say we liked what we saw. This rum is produced from dried Maui cane juice which means that none of the molasses has been removed therefore none has to be added back. After distillation the silver rum is aged in used wine barrels to impart unique flavors onto their already fantastic silver rum. The current bottling is aged in Hungarian Tokaji casks which is typically a late harvest sweet dessert wine from the Tokaji-Hegyalja region of Hungry. They offer the rum in a California Chardonnay cask and Napa Valley Merlot. This is absolute must try!

Price: $26.99/750ml

Rating: 90 points!

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