Saturday, July 10, 2010

Great Divide 16th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA

I sat down last night with some great company and decided to crack open this tasty beer to accompany my amazing plate of Mexican food. Talk about heaven! Based on Great Divide's famous Denver Pale Ale this copper colored beer embodies everything that Great Divide does best. The nose was loaded with floral notes followed by citrus, pine and vanilla. The palate was well balanced with malty sweetness hitting you in the beginning followed by the earthy bitterness from the English and American hops that start to show through in the mid palate but really comes together in the finish. The oak is noticeable but not the defining character of this beer due to the use of French and American oak which rounds out the edges and just adds a touch of vanilla. Overall I thought this beer was great, virtually the same beer as last year's but with a more refined touch.

Rating: 94 points!

Price: $7.99 22 oz. Bomber


  1. Sounds delicious. We'll be down today most likely. Small points- it should be "year's" in the second to the last line and just after "Have Questions" there is an extra capital in "You". Cheeeeers!

  2. Thanks Scott! English never was my best subject

  3. Your writing is excellent which is very hard to do well. Spelling is simply a technical skill and a matter of image memory. That's what copy editors are for!