Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ommegang Abbey Ale

I broke this beer out at a barbecue the other day to show one of my neighbors what real beer is, needless to say he put down his Miller Lite and wanted to drink my entire bottle. Brewery Ommegang was started in 1997 in a traditional Belgium style farmhouse located four miles south of Cooperstown, New York. Demand became so overwhelming that in 2003 Brewery Ommegang was sold to the Belgium brewery responsible for Duvel Golden Ale and now Ommegang brews are made both in Belgium and Cooperstown. This particular brew is made in Belgium is the first beer produced by Ommegang and was inspired by the ales produced by the Belgium Trappist monks. This beer pours nicely into a dark red brown color with a nice fat foamy head. The aromas are full of Belgium yeast as well as some fruity and nutty notes. The palate is full and robust with breadiness that dissipates to fruitiness as you reach the exquisite finish.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10


  1. This has always been one of my favorites!

  2. Hello Justin

    Larry from Ommegang here. Thanks for the shoutout. FYI we now brew all our beers here in Cooperstown. In 2007-08 Duvel helped us out in Belgium to meet demand, but we've expanded here and now it's all in-house. The only exception is Ommegang Rouge, a limited-production seasonal Flanders Red Ale of mixed fermentation, 18 months in oak, brewed in collaboration with Brewery Bockor at their brewery in Bellegem, Belgium.

    Come visit!

  3. Stuff is good! I enjoy the whole product line, If you haven't tried an Ommegang beer I highly recomend it!