Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2006 Rivetto Nebbiolo d'Alba 'Lirano'

This is hands down one of the best values in Nebbiolo wine available on the market today and with it being priced around $15 it has been dubbed by many as the "poor man's Barolo". Nebbiolo is, of coarse, the same grape varietal used in the making of the very prestigious wines of Barolo and Barbaresco from Piedmont Italy. What I love about Nebbiolo wines is that they are light to medium bodied like a Pinot Noir, but has the tannin structure of a Cabernet Sauvignon. Kind of the best of both worlds. This particular Nebbiolo is a bit more new world in style than most others with an alcohol content pushing 14.0% and a more fruit driven character. Classic floral aromas reminiscent of roses lead you into light to medium bodied palate with flavors of bright cherry fruits with a firm but soft structure and a smooth lingering finish. This is a wine that everyone must try!

Rating: 9.0 out of 10


  1. I love this wine! I love Barolo and Barbaresco but I rarely can afford to drop $50+ on a bottle.

  2. This is an incredible wine. It is superbly nuanced and pretty for a nebbiolo d'alba. Better than most Barolos I've drunk. Just lovely. For its price point, it doesn't get better than this.