Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oronoco Brazilian Rum

Two brothers, Roberto and Vicente Bastos Ribeiro, have spent more than 20 years refining a distillation process suitable to produce the smoothest rum in the world. With years of experience as caƧhaca distillers and a profound knowledge of distilling freshly cut mountain sugar cane, the Ribeiros have developed a distillate that raises the standard of fine rum. Oronoco is the first super-premium white rum made with fresh cut Brazilian mountain cane. Unlike most rum with a molasses base, Oronoco’s distinct quality is the result of freshly cut, unprocessed mountain cane juice. The Ribeiros insist on mountain cane, as they believe that it yields a far superior taste. The result is a complex and flavorful cane that is harvested by hand and crushed within hours of cutting. These pain staking efforts allow for a rum with clean nose with light hints of vanilla and a crisp, clean palate and long naturally smooth finish.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

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  1. I've been a rum drinker for many years, usually the very dark, heavy rums. However this Oronoco is light, has lots of flavor and is great straight, on the rocks or in a mixed rum drink.